We have been successfully maintaining our relationship with Warid Telecom (Pvt) Ltd for the last four years by providng best of our services.


Warid Uganda
  • Working with diversified workforce consisting of 25 personnels

  • Operating on INHALA system (latest technology which has not yet been introducted in Pakistan)

  • Providing maintenance services of A/c and Genset

  • Responsible for diesel filling at Warid sites throughout Uganda

Warid Bangladesh
  • Installed 5 COW sites along with equipment, alarm patching, ATS panel and civil work

  • Providing A/c and Genset maintenance



Our nation-wide expertise gives services to rural and remote areas throughout Pakistan with 0% power outage. Areas like Karachi to Gwadar Coastal highway (which is about 750km long) Turbat to Mand, Gumazgi and Tump (near Iran border) and Gwadar to Jiwani, Pasni and Pishu Khan are those where we control Warid network through satellite. Our expert teams are continuously working on the field round the clock irrespective of law and order situation at Pak-Afghan and Pak-Iran border, Mach, Koolpur and Mastung Luckpas.

We are providing our manpower and services to Warid at Quetta to Sibbi road REPEATER sites at mountains of 100s of meters height from ground level and where temperature drops below -25 c

Telecard Limited

Providing services and maintenance at BTS sites throughout Pakistan since 2003

WorldCall Limited

Our business tenure with WorldCall was 3 years in which we provided our services for installation of A/c and other electrical works.

CMPak Ltd. (Zong)

Nationwide supplier of Electrical & DG Spares & Services


Competitive Edge


Highly skilled HR professionals controlling over 100 employees in the following areas:

  • 11 Engineers (Civil & Electrical)
  • 29 A/C Technicians
  • 35 Genset Technicians
  • Over 50 personnels in Operations, HR, Admin & Finance
  • 24-Hour call centers in major cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Sukkar, Hyderabad, Quetta)
Machinery & Equipment
  • 11 Mobile Genset on stand-by for emergency with rating from 10KVA up to 25KVA
  • 15 A/C on standby with capacity of 2 tons


The day-to-day activities involved in managing a communication site begins with our operations department. Changing technologies and passage of time call for maintenance on the towers and their components. Our highly skilled staff has experience troubleshooting power solutions, transmission cables and lighting systems. A. K. Electronics has handled tower and site maintenance needs with knowledge and specialised training. A. K. is cost-effectively maintaining warid sites in Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh, Uganda & Ivory Coast.

We can respond to emergency situations in record time. Our crews and equipment are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. One call is all it takes to mobilize our staff into action.


Following are the areas we are highly experienced and skilled at:

  • Diesel Gensets Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Genset Overhauling
  • HVACR (split & window type)
  • Tower painting, Tower hardware replacements & upgrades, Diesel Filling, ATS Panels, Distribution panels & automation
  • Earthing
  • We are registered with Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. as Procurement Contractors.
  • F. A. Electronics (a subsidiary company) is also registered to provide manpower, operations & maintenance in Warid South region, Business Centers & Regional Offices.
  • Call-centers & Guest Houses