We, at A. K. Electronics, would like to introduce ourselves as professional provider of infrastructure development and maintenance services. Our name has been synonymous with quality service offerings in telecommunication site management, tower construction, operations & maintenance services. We are committed to provide highest quality wireless infrastructure services.

Wireless communications continues to be a growing industry. Technologies in the country, for the past couple of decades, have been cellular and other wireless voice and data networks. A. K. Electronics sustains this rapid pace with all phases of this growth and their expanding infrastructure. We understand the fast paced demands of the wireless market, while not forgetting the need for high quality installations and we have been instrumental in protecting these time-lines.

The development of the wireless communication infrastructure requires experience with project development and management. A. K. Electronics has an experienced staff for managing the construction of sites.

Established: 1986.

Scope of Work: Acquisition of building, air-conditioning, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil work, maintenance contractor of GenSet.


Our most valued resource:

  list_star Arshad Anwar Chairman
  Zubair Anwar Director Planning
  Faraz Arshad Director Finance
  Waqas Arshad Director Operations
  Haris Zubair Director Civil
  Nadeem Maqbool Manager Procurement
  Dawood Ellahi Assistant Manager Procurement
  Haris Zubair Manager Liason
  Afzal Khan Manager Finance & Accounts
  Mohammad Imran Assistant Manager O&M
  Amjad Ali Inventory In-charge
  Nadir Khan Assistant Team Lead
  Huzaifa Ali NOC In-charge


Our strategic priorities are focused on delivering Quality Services through the achievement of sustainable, capital efficient and profitable long term growth. Improvements in profitability to be achieved while respecting quality, timely service delivery and safety standards, at all times.

Continuous improvement with client satisfaction is the
main objective of our company